Travis Glatthar

Denver Public Schools
Dean of Instruction
Travis Glatthar taught five years at MLK early college and was the only math teacher in the high school when grade nine was added to the school. Before working in Denver, Travis taught 8th grade math for three years in Jeffco. Travis enjoys seeing the light bulbs light up in the math classroom and works hard at helping students understand that the brain is a muscle that performs better when exercised.

Travis has accepted leadership positions which include, High School team lead, Innovation Proposal writing team, School Governance Board member and Personnel Committee chair. He enjoyed the professional and challenging dialogs that arise out of these various responsibilities.

Travis received his BA in Mathematics (2002) from Hastings College in Hastings Nebraska and received his Masters in Computer Science and Math Education (2003) from the same institution. Travis also enjoyed spending much of his time in the college glass studio while there.

Early in his career, Travis craved for professional conversations and opportunities to reflect on how to improve his craft of teaching. Once found, Travis was amazed at the difference an effective instructional coach had on his practice in the classroom. Travis looks forward to offering those positive experiences to secondary teachers at Lake.